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Employment services for jobseekers are free at all stages of cooperation. You can send your resume to us by mail

open vacancies

If you are interested in a vacancy, you can respond to it by indicating your contact information or by attaching your resume

what is important to know?

Dear Applicants!

In order for us to be able to consider your candidacy for the available positions, send your resume to the mail:

Do not forget to include in the subject line the name of the vacancy that interests you. This way your resume will be reviewed faster.  

Responsibly treat your resume. It should not contain errors and inconsistencies with reality. Having a recommendation will be a big advantage.  

Every person is faced with a job search. Everyone wants to get to a decent employer. However, this is not always the case.  

We know all the problems of employment from the inside and also faced unscrupulous employers. All this positive and not so good experience allowed us to select only reliable partners. They trust us, and so do we. Therefore, your employment with our help is safe.  

Don't be intimidated by recruiting agencies, we won't take up a lot of your time.

If you are interested in a vacancy, you just need to send your resume and indicate this vacancy in the subject line. First of all, you will be included in the agency's database, and if you have not been invited to this vacancy, then you may be contacted in the future and offered another vacancy . And if they are interested in your candidacy, our specialists will contact you and you will be invited for an interview (face-to-face or skype interview). 

We value and respect time, yours and yours. Therefore, we expect the same in relation to us and the employer. If you have agreed on an interview and cannot come to it, be sure to warn about it. A special time is allocated for meeting with you, which can be planned with benefit in case of your absence.  

We are not in employment. We do not charge applicants. We are looking for specialists in the company. It's free for you and a great opportunity to find a good stable job.  

We wish you every success!

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