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Do you need qualified personnel?
We are ready to find it! Write to us and we will quickly contact you, get to know you better, answer questions and together draw up an application for selection, discuss the requirements for a specialist and conditions for further cooperation.
We guarantee the correct execution of the order and excellent results.

Do not forget to indicate the contact person and the method of communication.

Our services

selection of top and middle managers 

selection of engineering  and  narrow-profile   staff

selection of line personnel

selection of IT specialists

selection of sales managers

and administrative staff

why are we

we are not afraid of difficult tasks

We love complex tasks, but we will help you with easier ones. We are interested in closing top positions or looking for narrow-profile specialists, but we will also find assistants, accountants, marketers and sales managers for you. You are presented with candidates who meet the stated requirements as much as possible.

own database of applicants

The database of applicants for our agency collects only the best specialists and is replenished annually for 11 years.  Over the course of our long-term work experience, we have come across many difficult vacancies and found first-class specialists from various fields of activity.

flexible pricing policy

Our services are suitable for everyone due to flexible prices. The amount of payment is determined depending on the complexity and the number of vacancies, everything is negotiated individually, as agreed by the parties.

you save time and money

There is no prepayment. We work for the result. Payment for the selection of personnel is made only once upon the exit of the candidate. We take upon ourselves all the financial and time costs for finding a specialist, you get only targeted candidates. We save you time, effort and money that you would spend on personnel search.


We have been successfully operating since 2010 and offer our services with a guarantee. If the candidate does not pass the trial period, we will make a free replacement.

experienced professionals

Our recruiters are exclusively with at least 5 years of recruiting experience.  Agency specialists regularly undergo training and improve their professional skills in order to stay abreast of all changes and trends in the labor market. 

How we are working

1. Preliminary discussion of the application for selection

- definition of competencies  the specialist you are looking for

- discussion of the main qualities 

- coordination of duties, working conditions

2. Selection of candidates

- search for candidates

- telephone interview

- interview 

- selection of candidates who meet the stated requirements as closely as possible 

3. Presentation of candidates to the customer

- submission of candidates' CVs to the customer

- coordination of a meeting with a candidate

- discussion of the outcome  interviews with candidates

4. Hiring a candidate

- approval of the candidate's exit to work

- for  probationary period  our company bears guarantee obligations for the accepted candidate. Replacement is in progress  IS FREE!

For your final decision when choosing a candidate, we are ready to provide an additional comprehensive report:  recommendations and characteristics from previous places of work, the correspondence of the information presented in the resume with the entries in the work book, checking the possible  administrative or criminal liability. The collection of information is carried out at a high level, promptly and has a high degree of reliability.

industries in which we operate

and others

top management




building architecture





Foreign economic activity

wholesale retail




financial and accounting



the medicine


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Download the recruitment application form, where you can indicate who you are, what your company does and who you are looking for.

Send this form to us by mail and we will contact you

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